About Us

Amyson Pty Ltd
From a humble beginning in the early 1980’s with a specialised food store, our founders have dedicated their passion for gourmet foods to build and grow their business into something special. Their main objective was to share the vibrant Eastern food cultural experience with as many food lovers as possible throughout Australia.

A few decades later, Amyson continues the journey of our founders but on a larger scale. We no longer operate a retail outlet and instead have become a marketing agent/wholesaler to a wider network of retail stores and other food businesses. Instead of serving local neighbourhood stores, we now serve the wider community throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We pride ourselves in representing a carefully selected product range. This allows our team to stay focused on achieving good results for our partners and to perform our duties to a high standard.

Our Team
We are proud to have a great team who share the same spirit in serving our customers.

Our Partners
Over the years, we have established a great group of partners that we share common goals with. Our Brand partners provides us with premium products to work with and our Retail partners provides a great channel for end consumers to source our products.
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